Official LEGO Sites The official LEGO site
LEGO Shop Buy Lego sets and merchandise directly from LEGO
Replacement Parts If you lose parts or broke a piece, you can replace the needed pieces at LEGO's website.
LEGO CUUSOO Get enough support for a design and you can get your own Lego set produced!
Brickset All the information you could want about individual lego sets
Bricklink Incredible database of individual Lego pieces. Also a great place to buy the pieces you need.
Brickipedia Great wiki resource of information for all things Lego.
Peeron Another great database of Lego sets and archived instructions.
Brick Picker A great resource for LEGO investors with information about set values and much more.
POV-Ray Render realistic images using complicated algorithms that mimic real light conditions.
LDD to POV-Ray™ Converter As the name says, it converts LDD files into POV-Ray files. Several great tools for virtual LEGO set creation. Editors, viewers,

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