Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Fun with Craigslist

I don't use Craigslist ONLY for Lego stuff, but it is pretty essential to finding cheap Legos. A lot of people are a little skittish about using Craigslist, but as long as you use some common sense, you'll be ok. The crazies that show up on the news from time to time are definitely exceptions. I've met a lot of cool people and made a lot of great deals.
Case in point, I stumbled across a table customized for playing with Legos. I'm sure those of you that search for Legos on CL are aware that those little kid play tables are all over the place. People are constantly trying to get rid of these things for ridiculous prices (usually because they paid too much for what is essentially a tiny table with a Lego baseplate glued to the top). I thought this one was the same thing, but it turns out some enterprising dad bought an old table and glued a border to the top to keep the bricks contained. He then screwed a few plastic containers to the side for sorting. The leaves fold down, too. And the whole set was $35. He (sadly it seemed) needed to clear up some space and his kids had outgrown Legos. As I'm sure you know, I totally disagreed with him on that point, but at that price I'm keeping my mouth shut.
I brought it home, put it in our bonus room, then dumped all the random Lego bricks into the top and turned my daughters loose. Already I'm seeing less stray bricks in the carpet for me to damage my bare feet on. Since there's a much wider surface area than the plastic tub I usually have the bricks in, it's much easier to rummage around and find pieces you're looking for.

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