Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Acronyms and Jargon

Any internet community that shares some interest in common will eventually form their own insider language and jargon. The Lego fan community is no exception. You don't have to look around the forums much before you start asking, "What is an AFOL?" and "Why is this person complaining about the use of BURPs?". There are several references online for the many terms you will come across, like at Brickipeda or the Brothers Brick blog. Below are some of my favorites, as found on Bricklink's great reference.

The following are acronyms that are used in discussions about LEGO:
  • AFOL - Adult Fan Of LEGO
  • ALE - Adult LEGO Enthusiast
  • BURP - Big Ugly Rock Piece
  • CRAPP - Crummy Ramp And Pit Plate
  • KABOB - Kid with A Bunch Of Bricks
  • KK - Knights Kingdom theme
  • LUG - LEGO Users Group
  • LURP - Little Ugly Rock Piece
  • MISB - Mint In Sealed Box/Bag LEGO set
  • MISP - Mint In Sealed Packet/Package/Polybag LEGO set
  • MOC - My Own Creation
  • PaB - Official LEGO "Pick a Brick" service
  • POOP - Parts which can be made Out of Other Parts
  • S@H - Official LEGO "Shop at Home" service
  • SNOT - Studs Not On Top building technique
  • STAMP - STicker Across Multiple Parts
  • TLC - The LEGO Company
  • TLG - The LEGO Group
  • UCS - Ultimate Collectors Series theme
  • WTB - Want To Buy
The following are terms that are used in discussions about LEGO:
  • Clones - Building blocks which are not LEGO brand, such as Mega Bloks.
  • Dark Age - Period of time during which a person is not interested in LEGO.
  • Juniorization - Describes inclusion of highly specialized parts in LEGO sets instead of several already existing elements which can be assembled into the same configuration. The idea is to make it easier for younger children to build the sets but it is criticized by AFOLs since it is difficult to use these parts when building alternate models and MOCs.
  • Stud - Small round peg which appears on top of most LEGO parts and is used to connect to other LEGO parts.

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