Monday, June 11, 2012

MOC Monday

I'm starting a new feature on the blog, MOC Monday, where I share one of the many fantastic creations on MOC Pages and other fan sites that just really struck a chord or caught my eye this week. This week is the lovely Anselm Castle by Mark Erickson. The first thing that drew me in on this design is the greenery. Mark uses a variety of tree designs and green pieces to make a very lush scene outside the castle. The castle itself appears to use every shade of gray, both old and new, to give it's walls a varied appearance. Inside the castle is a great representation of a market square. Once again, Mark uses several different colors to show a well trodden dirt ground in the market place. To top it off, the gentle slope leading up to the castle, the moat outside the wall, and the way the castle wall slightly angles just lends a great deal of realism to this creation.

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